Yoga Instructor & Owner of Wild and Free Yoga Studio

My name is Laura and I am the owner and one of the instructors at Wild and Free. Wild and Free has been a dream of mine for the past couple of years and it is with so much love and passion that I open the doors of this studio to you! My dream was to have a studio that welcomed everyone. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Wild and Free!

My dream for opening a yoga studio began a couple of years ago. As a registered nurse I have seen the need for humans to move their bodies and learn healthy coping mechanisms to deal with our daily busy lives. We live in such a busy and constant stimulated world that we don’t give our mind, body and soul a chance to catch up. That is my goal with the studio. For you to come in and immediately feel at ease. To let the stress of the day go, even if it is for one hour to focus on your breath and movement. My goal was to provide a relaxing, yet laid back and open space at the studio.

I know the importance of slowing down and finding inner peace and how difficult this can be in today’s society with our busy lives. I know because I have battled anxiety, depression and self doubt since I was 14. Yoga and meditation have opened my eyes and heart to a safe and effective way to deal with the stress of daily life. I feel it is my life’s work to share what I have learned over the past twenty years in both mental health and in yoga and meditation.

Leading up to opening the studio, I lead a free bi-weekly meditation group (off session for the summer) at the spirituality center in La Crosse. I also volunteer at a local elementary school to help kids find movement and mindfulness with yoga. Taking time for stillness is so important to share with our little ones.

I will be opening Wild and Free Yoga Studio this summer and will accessible to everyone. No matter your abilities or age there is something for everyone young to old. We pride ourselves on our service to our community. A schedule will be posted before opening.

When I say “I” , there is a tremendous team behind me of friends and family. Without their love and support this would not be possible. My biggest supporter and co-owner is my husband, Bob Mausolf. If you are looking to connect with Bob or I, you can find us coaching our boys sports teams, at the YMCA, playing sports in the front yard, fishing, leading meditations and yoga at the schools, or spending time around a campfire. Bob also works at Mayo La Crosse and I am nurse in the cardiac cath lab at Gundersen.

I have no idea what this new journey will bring. I only know that I am following my heart and can’t wait to meet you all at the studio and on your mat. I can’t wait to serve you! Follow our page for progress on the studio! We plan to open this summer!