Yoga instructor

I tried yoga for the first time 24 years ago while I was pregnant with my oldest child. I didn’t live near a studio at the time so I borrowed VHS tapes from the library and followed along. I didn’t know it at the time, but those tapes would later develop into a lifelong passion for mind-body activity and natural health. Over the years, I sometimes had to set yoga aside to make time for being a new mom or going back to school. However, as I’ve gotten older, I learned just how important it was to my emotional and physical health to create time for myself. Yoga became the main focus of my self-care. When I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease in the summer of 2018, I once again turned to yoga and mindfulness as a way to heal. I was fortunate to attend a yoga teacher training which really aligned with my own beliefs which are that yoga is good for everyBODY and that it can be a way to bring about social justice and healing to ourselves and our communities. My goal as a teacher is to find ways to make yoga accessible to everyone and I consider it a privilege to get to be a part of my students’ journey. When I’m not practicing yoga, I love spending time with my three children, making art, reading, and traveling!!